About ME 

Hi there! My name is Sarah but you can call me SB (lets face it, there are a ton of Sarahs in the world and it can get confusing sometimes. At least it does for me!). I am a 90s kid and proud of it. I am 80% introvert and 20% extrovert (When the dance floor opens up, Watch out!). Half the week I wish I could just drink coffee and read a good book, while the other part of the week I want to be traveling the world on some fantastic adventure. Although I love a good story in a book, I ABSOLUTELY hate to write!! I mean it's a form of torture if you ask me! Yes I am being dramatic about it, but that is how I feel about it. Thankfully I picked up a camera in high school and have been telling stories my own way ever since. With any good story there are ups & downs, there are perfect moments and unexpected ones. That is what I want to capture with my camera.  Not just a perfect picture, but real stories, authentic moments, and raw emotions. I want my photos to transport people back to that event if they were there or make on lookers feel like they could have been there themselves. 

 The best days if you ask me are when I get to combine my love of adventure  (I live for a good destination shoot! Yes Please!) with telling other people's stories through the lens of my camera. It gets me so excited that I have to give you guys a warning... I might yell YAAAAAS, break into dance, or something completely random from excitement during a session! 

If you are still reading this than we are friends now and I would love to connect with you!