Shenandoah National Park Road Trip

This past August, Sam, Cori, and I road tripped up to Shenandoah National Park to snag some photos in the beautiful Blue Ride Mountains. It was about a 4 hour drive to the mountains from where we live, but we had the best time catching up! We got to the mountains a few hours before sunset and frolicked through a meadow, hiked up a mountain, and watched the sunset! We had the most perfect time until we were driving back home down the mountain… The mountain basically destroyed my brake pads. aka my brakes worked fine, but made a horribly loud grinding noise every time I had to use them! So imagine a 4 hour drive with brakes like that! A few hours in, we stopped at an Arby’s on the way home and went through the drive through… How AWKWARD!! haha No, but seriously, even that could not ruin the day for us. By the time we got home we were deliriously tired and everything was hilarious. We laughed until we cried every time I braked!

Life is an adventure, and sometimes you just have to roll with it. Loud breaks and all. 

Sam & Cori are some of the most encouraging and loving people I know, and they have a business of their own! Werrell Woodworks. Seriously, go check them out on instagram. You will not be sorry!