California Beach Couple Session

AHH I could say so much about Kayla and Steven!! They are just some of the kindest humans I have had the pleasure of meeting and I had the ABSOLUTE best time hanging out with them and snapping some photos. Kayla is an incredible cook (on one of my trips to California I will get to try her cooking! haha Seriously has me drooling every time she posts something on instagram!). Steven is an incredible photographer (Seriously if you are in LA and need headshots check him out!) and I was so happy to get him and his beautiful wife Kayla in front of my camera! A lot of the time photographers can get lost behind the camera, so I love the opportunity to capture those behind the camera and have them in the spotlight for a bit! And BOY did these two SHINE!! 

We did not have a specific location in mind so we all hopped in the car and headed towards Palos Verdes in California. After driving around a little bit we found the perfect little beach. Now from the photos you would think that we had the place all to ourselves (photo magic!) but in reality this little beach was bumping! During our session there was several “instagram models” shooting content, a Cello player playing music on the beach, another photoshoot happening, and a surprise proposal being set up! This does not include the people just there to go to the beach! haha It was pure craziness but I love it and just look at these views! Totally worth it!! 

And we finished the session by grabbing dinner together! Seriously I love doing this with my couples! Getting to enjoy a good meal with new friends after a great session! Now what could be better!?

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