Romantic Beach Picnic Kauai, Hawaii

How about a romantic picnic on the beach in Kauai for your couples session?! I say YES PLEASE! 

Had the best time capturing Sarah & Chris as they enjoyed this picnic on Kauai’s Secret beach! Anytime you incorporate acai bowls into a photoshoot I AM HERE FOR IT! And what better place to do that than Kauai! I am pretty sure I ate at least one bowl a day for the two weeks I was traveling in Hawaii and never got tired of them! THE BEST! 

Enjoying some yummy treats, playing tag on the beach, many laughs, and the love that these two had for each other made this session simply magical! I would be remiss if I did not talk about the beautiful styling of Bixby and Pine. These girls are just so talented and the sweetest! If you are looking to just put that special touch on your wedding day or spice up your photoshoot a little, you need to check these girls out! 

I am still so incredibly grateful for the two weeks I got to spend hopping around the islands of Hawaii and for of all the couples I had the opportunity to photograph while I was there!! And don’t even get me started on getting to attend the Wild and Unwritten workshop! It was the best time and I will just keep posting all the photos from this trip until I make it back to Hawaii. I will probably still post these photos even after that! Just warning you! haha

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