Secret Beach Elopement Kauai, Hawaii

Getting to shoot Brandon and Kalena in Kauai was an absolute dream! First off who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii and second JUST LOOK HOW CUTE THESE TWO ARE! 

We shot at Kauapea beach which is nicked named Secret Beach. The name fits perfectly because of its “hidden” location. You have to hike down a trail that feels like you are hiking through a jungle for a little bit and then all of a sudden you pop out at this beautiful beach location. With an amazing coast view of Kauai and its cliff views, it is truly a stunning backdrop for an elopement. Even with these stunning views and the incredible styings of Bixby + Pine, Brandon and Kalena’s smiles for each other out shined everything else! I remember hearing one of them saying something like “we are not models, we don’t know what we are doing” but boy they could have fooled me. We just let them focus on each other and it was simply perfection. Had the best time running around the beach capturing these two’s smiles and laughter. 

Can we also just take a moment to talk about how Stunning Kalena looks in this dress from Rue De Seine Bridal?!?! I mean how perfect was this dress on her!! My personal opinion is that  it was simply perfect and an add bonus was how well it showed off her tattoos! 

If I have the opportunity to capture more elopements like this in the future… Lets just say I will be one happy photographer!

Sarah BollerComment