Kauai Hawaii Beach Couple Session

Now I am not a huge beach person even though I have grown up in a beach city my whole life. Really, I just don’t like sand, it just gets everywhere. I mean no place is safe when it comes to sand but this summer I am all for some beach sessions like this!! Seriously, if you are interested in playing in the ocean with your boo thing, hit me up!

For this fun surf couple session we hiked down to Kauai’s secret beach. Derik and Sarah live on Oahu but came over to Kauai to hangout. We had the absolute perfect day to be at the beach and capture some magic. We started off by running around on the sand and taking full advantage of Kauai’s beautiful landscape. Hawaii is known for its beauty and Kauai, known as the Garden Isle, is truly a sight to behold. With it’s vibrant blue water and black rock cliffs there is no place like this gorgeous island. We eventually got Derik and Sarah in the water and it was epic! How these two manage to look so cute while being attacked by waves is beyond me but they did! By the end of the day I was pretty much soaking wet and covered in sand (like I said sand get everywhere) but it was totally WORTH IT! 

So here is to Summer 2019 and all the beach/water sessions to happen this summer!! Bring it on!

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