RVA Botanical Garden Engagement

Stuart and I have been friends for years now. We usually do not see each other that often, but catch up a few times a year. After he proposed to Kels in late May we were almost immediately in contact about snapping some engagement photos for this happy occasion. Thankfully the timing worked out just right because they caught me right before I left Virginia (currently sitting in a coffee shop in LA writing this) for 3 weeks and we were able to make this session happen! When we were planning on where to do their session I asked what their vision for it was and immediately they were like a greenhouse! They both love plants and knew of the Lewis Ginter Botanical gardens which has an amazing greenhouse. Since we both did not know of a spot in Virginia Beach that could top this greenhouse we decided to road trip to RVA (Richmond,Virginia) for the day and make this vision a reality. This was a great decision because one, I got to hang with these two for the entire day, hear all about their love story and two, this location was everything! Since we drove all the way to Richmond we decided not to just stop at the greenhouse location, but also explore downtown a little bit. Now I have been to this train station before, but have just shot outside. This day we decided to check out what the inside looks like like and oh man was this another great choice! We were two for two at this point people( yay us)!! Since we did their session in the middle of week the place was mostly empty and we had the freedom to create some incredible shots. With the building arches and large windows it was a photographer’s paradise. But what really stole the show this day was these two and their love for each other! Stuart and Kels, the way you love each other is such a beautiful thing and I am completely honored that you let me capture your engagement photos. 

We laughed, drank coffee, and had some banging mediterranean food. That qualifies as a great day in my book!! 

Sarah BollerComment