North Carolina Bohemian Sand Dune Elopement

This past spring I had the pleasure of helping out Jessie Walker Photography with her shoot-a-thon. We needed to find a couple and I knew Karl & Kristiana would be perfect. Karl and I go way back and have worked on many creative projects together. Karl does a little bit of everything from photography, web design, graphic design, and so on. So It was cool to get him and his beautiful wife Kristiana in front of my camera for this Boho Styled elopement. The Shoot-a-thon date actually fell on the same weekend as Karl & Kristiana’s 1st year Anniversary. How special is that?!?!? The three-piece green suit that Karl is rockin from Asos is actually the same suit he wore for his wedding!

This beautiful Bohemian elopement comes from the styling talents of Magen of Indie and Ivory. With not one, but two incredible set-ups for us to capture photos of Karl and Kristiana. We may have actually been in the sand dunes of North Carolina, but with Megan’s stunning work it felt like we had been transport to the desert. I mean can’t you just imagine these set ups in the desert of Morocco or out on the West Coast?!? I AM HERE FOR ALL THE GORGEOUS DESERT ELOPEMENTS.

The shoot-a-thon ended with us running up and down the sand dune with the most incredible golden hour! The Perfect ending to one amazing day!

Sarah BollerComment