Fun Joshua Tree Engagement Session

Who would have thought that Pintrest would bring a couple from Norway and a photographer from Virginia together in California?! I certainly did not, BUT it did!! Emilie reached out to me after finding my work on Pinterest (Hello! all those hours spent on Pinterest paid off)!! Emilie having been a foreign exchange student here in the States in high school was coming back with her Fiancé Håkon for a friend’s wedding. The wedding was happening in the midwest and then Emilie and Håkon were planning on road tripping through California. Emilie reached out to me because she wanted to capture some photos for their wedding invitations while on their trip. They wanted to shoot somewhere with epic views and show off the West Coast scenery. After discussing all our options we decided we would meet up in Joshua Tree on July 3rd. I was coming basically straight from Mexico where I was shooting a few days before and this was the last day of their trip. We met up just outside the park at a little coffee shop and then headed to Joshua Tree National Park together. We found a spot that was pretty much empty and hopped out of the car! Emilie and Håkon were so great to work with and it was a blast to capture them! Even though they both spoke perfect English some prompts got lost in translation and I had to think on how to explain things in different ways. This just led to us all laughing because if you know me, words are not my strong suit and yeah, it was funny!  We stayed in the park until the sun had set and then went and grabbed dinner! It was a day full of making new friends, laughter, and beautiful landscapes! I am so pumped to see these guys again In July 2020 for their Wedding in Norway!! 

Sarah BollerComment