Kauai, Hawaii Adventurous Jeep Couple Session

When I think of Hawaii, I think of a lush green tropical paradise. Imagine my surprise when we rolled up to Waimea Canyon! This red dirt canyon which is nicked named the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” is truly a breathtaking sight to see. The absolute perfect backdrop for Victoria and Elliott’s Adventurous jeep session. Seriously if you ever find yourself in Kauai make sure you check it out! You will not be sorry!

And Jeeps! Honestly I did not think about a jeep being the car to have in Hawaii until I got there. I mean duh! JURASSIC PARK! What was I thinking… Obviously I was not thinking clearly, but it all workout and a jeep was the perfect detail to add to this super playful couple session

Victoria and Elliott were were just a joy to work with. They were down to run around Waimea Canyon until the sunset and it was covered in blue light. Honestly I do not know which photos I love more!?! The photos with the bright red/orange of the canyon dirt that just make the photos pop or the photos at the “blue hour” that seem to turn the canyon into a purple dreamland! Ahh its so hard to decide! You tell me which ones you like better in the comments below!!

All in all it was a perfect day on the magical island of Kauai and I am down to go back at anytime!