The Perfect Date Day, Virginia Beach

Your photoshoot doesn’t have to be in some field, hiking up some mountain, or whatever is super popular right now! The best photoshoots and usually the ones that are the most fun are the ones that truly reflect you as a couple, whether this be in your favorite your coffee shop, in the laundromat where you guys met, or riding beach cruisers on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk!! What matters most is that the location is significant to you as a couple! Another thing that can spice up your session is doing an activity that you love to do! Maybe that is hiking ( I am always down for a good hiking session), maybe you love to cook as a couple, or maybe eating ice cream is your couples thing! INCORPORATE THIS INTO YOUR SESSION! Not only will it give you something to take your mind off having your photos taken if you are not use to being in front of the camera, but my guess would be that you will love these photos more doing this than standing in some field you have never been to before (If you love standing in fields please continue to do you boo boo)!

Here with Natalie and Bryant we turned the perfect day date into a their couples session. Man did we have fun and I definitely got my workout in running and chasing them on bikes! haha We met at Virginia Beach oceanfront and they cruised around on the boardwalk enjoying the nice sunny day as I captured it all! We  then headed to Dairy Queen right on the boardwalk to cool off with some ice cream. Natalie and Bryant then changed outfits and we went to explore some more spots along the oceanfront to finish out their session! 

I guess all I am trying to say is have fun with your session! Most wedding timelines don’t have time in them to get super creative, so use your engagement session, or a couples session to go to those random locations that mean so much to you. Use these sessions to do things you love and to capture photos you will treasure for a life time!!

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